Wyoming Physical Therapy Association





Section 1. Name

The name of this organization is the Wyoming Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association 

Section 2. Definitions

Chapter refers to the Wyoming Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association. 

Association refers to the American Physical Therapy Association. 

The acronym “WYPTA” is the preferred acronym and refers to the Wyoming Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association. 

Section 3. Territorial Jurisdiction.

The territorial jurisdiction of the Chapter is the State of Wyoming.


The object of the Chapter shall be the same as the object of the Association as stated in its bylaws. 


The functions of the Chapter shall be the same as the functions of the Association as stated in its bylaws.


Section 1. Categories and Qualifications of Members

The Chapter membership categories and qualifications for Physical Therapist, Retired Physical Therapist, Life Physical Therapist, Student Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant, Retired Physical Therapist Assistant, Life Physical Therapist Assistant, and Student Physical Therapist Assistant shall be the same as those of the Association. 

In addition, the Chapter shall maintain a single Corresponding Member category and a single Corresponding Student Member category with rights and privileges as stated in the Association bylaws.

 Section 2. Rights and Privileges of Members

The rights and privileges of the Chapter's members shall be identical to those established in the Association bylaws. 

Section 3. Admission to Membership

Admission to Chapter membership is by assignment by the Association's Board of Directors. 

Section 4. Good Standing

An individual member is in good standing within the meaning of these bylaws if the member is in good standing with the Association.  

Section 5. Disciplinary Action

A.      Any member of the Chapter who is suspended by the Association shall have their membership privileges suspended in the Chapter.  Any member who is expelled from membership in the Association shall be expelled from Chapter membership.

B.       Complaints to the effect that a member has violated the ethical principles or standards of the Association shall be processed in accordance with the Association's Procedural Document on Disciplinary Action.

Section 6. Reinstatement.

Individuals are reinstated to Chapter membership in accordance with the Association's Standing Rules. The Chapter may not charge a reinstatement fee.


The Chapter may authorize the establishment of districts or special interest groups. These groups shall operate under bylaws or rules of order that shall not be inconsistent with Chapter or Association bylaws. No such groups currently exist in this Chapter. 


 Section 1. Number of Meetings

The Chapter shall hold an annual meeting in the fall, plus at least one additional meeting per year of the Chapter membership for the conduction of business. Special meetings as necessary shall be called by the President or upon written petition of 10 percent of the membership. Members shall be notified of meetings at least three weeks prior to the meeting date. Those members present and voting at meetings shall constitute a quorum. 

Section 2. Mail Vote

When a decision is needed between meetings of the Chapter, voting by mail or by telephone (response) shall be permitted by the Executive Committee. Such a vote shall be considered and noted as a business meeting of the Chapter. A response rate of 10 percent of the membership is required for action to be taken.  

Section 3. Reporting

Chapter business meeting minutes and election results shall be submitted to the Association within 45 days of the date of the meeting. 


Section 1. Officers: Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities

A.      President – shall preside at meetings of the Chapter, and Executive Committee ; shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee and Ethics Committee; prepares agenda for the annual meeting. 

B.       Vice President – shall assume the duties of the President in the President’s absence; assures arrangement of facilities and speakers or program for business meetings; notifies newsletter editor of such arrangements at least six weeks in advance of the meeting. 

C.       Secretary – shall keep minutes of meetings of the Chapter and Executive Committee; assures notification of members at least three weeks prior to meetings; completes correspondence with the Association and other parties as delegated to him or her. 

D.      Treasurer – shall maintain and submit appropriate financial records to the chapter and designated auditors yearly. 

Section 2. Terms and Vacancies

A.      The President, Vice President and Representative to Physical Therapists Assistant Caucus shall be elected on odd numbered years and shall serve two year terms or until the election and assumption to office of their successors.

B.       The Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Delegate and Delegate shall be elected on even numbered years and shall serve a two year term or until the election and assumption to office of their successors.

C.       The Executive Committee shall fill any vacancies in offices, except that of the President, for the unexpired portion of the term.

Section 3. Qualifications

Only such members of the chapter as are provided for in the Association bylaws, Article IV, Section 2, Subparagraph B(3)b, who have been members in good standing for a period of at least two years immediately preceding their election, and who have consented to serve, shall be eligible for election to office. Physical Therapist, Life Physical Therapist and Retired Physical Therapist may hold office subject to the limitations specified in the Association Bylaws, Article V, Section 4 sub-paragraph C. 

Section 4. Executive Committee

A.      Composition – The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers and the immediate past president for 1 year as a non-voting member while retaining all other rights of membership.

B.       Duties and Responsibilities

1.        Carries out mandates and policies of the Chapter as determined by the membership; has full power and complete authority to perform all acts and transact all business on behalf of the Chapter.

2.        Create, appoint, and direct activities of the standing and special committees, except the Nominating Committee and Ethics Committee.

3.        Brings before members correspondence or other communication from the Association for their opinion of information.

4.        Make such annual reports to the Association, as the Association deems necessary.

C.       Meetings –

      1.   Regular Meetings: The Executive Committee shall meet at the annual meeting, and at least one additional meeting.

      2.   Special Meetings: The President has the authority to call special meetings. A meeting must be called if a majority of the Executive Committee members request one in writing.

      3.   Notice Requirements: Executive Committee members shall be notified at least two weeks prior to the meeting date.

      4.   Quorum: Three voting members present at meetings shall constitute a quorum.


Committees select their own chairperson unless otherwise noted.  Committee members must be American Physical Therapy Association and WYPTA members, except for the Executive Secretary as appointed by the Executive Committee.

Section 1. Finance Committee

Composed of two members, one of which is the Treasurer, the other appointed by the Executive Committee, to a three year term. Committee proposes an annual budget and advises the Chapter on matters pertaining to the financial needs and stability of the Chapter; performs an annual audit and provides an audit report.

Section 2. Ethics Committee

 Composed of three members of which one person is appointed annually at the fall meeting by the Executive Committee. The individual with the most seniority in the committee shall serve as chairperson.  The Secretary of the Executive Committee shall serve as the liaison to the Ethics Committee. The committee shall be charged with investigating any ethics complaints according to the Association’s stated procedures.

Section 3. Nominating Committee

 Composed of at least three eligible members; one member shall be elected each year at the annual meeting by the Chapter membership and shall serve a term of three years, or until the election of a successor. The senior member shall serve as the chairman. Any vacancies shall be filled by the Executive Committee until the next regular election at which time the vacant position shall be filled for the remainder of the term.

 Section 4. Such other committees, standing or special, may be appointed by the President, with the approval of the Executive Committee, as the Executive Committee deems necessary to carry on the work of the Chapter.


Section 1. Qualifications

A.      Delegates shall have been members of the Association and the Wyoming Chapter for the two years immediately preceding the House of Delegates.

B.       A Chapter Delegate may not, in the same year, serve as a Section Delegate.

C.       The Chapter shall notify Association headquarters of the names of Chapter Delegates, as required by the Association and the Standing Rules of the House of Delegates.

D.      The Chapter must be represented in the House of Delegates at least every third year.

Section 2. Election / Term

A.      The membership shall elect one Delegate at the fall meeting to serve for two years.  

B.       After completion of a two year term as Delegate, the Delegate will move to Chief Delegate for a 2 year term.

C.       The Chief Delegate may run as Delegate after term completion.

D.    If not all the delegates to whom the Chapter is entitled are able to attend House of Delegates, the right to cast the vote(s) shall be given to those delegates who are attending.

E.       The Chapter President shall serve as the alternate delegate.

Section 3. Duties of Delegates

A.    Chief Delegate shall notify the Association of the names of the delegates; shall present material to be debated to the Chapter membership; and shall oversee the voting responsibilities of the entire Chapter delegation.  

B.  All delegates shall register his/her credentials prior to and attend House of Delegates; attend appropriate special meetings.

C.  Delegates shall present to the House of Delegates such matters as are approved by the Executive Committee and/or the Chapter.


Section 1. Qualifications

A.       The qualifications of the representative shall be as stated in the APTA Board policies and procedures.

B.       The Chapter shall notify Association headquarters of the name of the Representative, as required by the Association. 

Section 2. Election and Term

A.      The Physical Therapist Assistant, Retired Physical Therapist Assistant and Life Physical Therapist Assistant members of the Chapter shall elect one Representative to the PTA Caucus at the fall meeting on odd numbered years..

B.       The Representative shall serve two year term.  The same person may be re-elected to the Representative position if the membership desires.

C.       An Alternate Representative may also be elected. 

Section 3. Duties of Representative

A.      To attend the annual and special meetings of the PTA Caucus.

B.       To present material to be debated to the Chapter membership.

C.       To present to the PTA Caucus such matters as are ordered by the Executive Committee and/or chapter membership.

D.      To vote at meetings of the PTA Caucus in accordance with instructions and/or policies of the Chapter. 


Elections shall occur at the annual meeting which shall be held in the fall. Nominations will be provided by the Nominating Committee, as well as accepted from the floor. Voting shall be by ballot with the exception of a voice call being accepted when there is but one nominee. An officer shall be elected by majority vote.


Section 1. Fiscal year

The fiscal year of the Chapter shall be the same as that of the Association--January 1 through December 31. 

 Section 2. Limitation on Expenditures

No officer, employee, or committee shall expend any money not provided in the budget as adopted, or spend any money in excess of the budget allotment, except by order of the Chapter's Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall not commit the Chapter to any financial obligation in excess of its current financial resources.

Section 3. Dues

A.      Chapter dues shall be as follows: 

Physical Therapist: $90.00

Physical Therapist – Post Professional Student: $50.00

Physical Therapist Assistant: $52.00

Life Physical Therapist: $0.00

Life Physical Therapist Assistant: $0.00

Student Physical Therapist and Student Physical Therapist Assistant: $15.00

Retired Physical Therapist: $0.00

Retired Physical Therapist Assistant: $0.00

Corresponding: $40.00

Corresponding Student $0.00

Student Physical Therapist and Student Physical Therapist Assistant member dues are for 12 months from the time of renewal or join date.  As of the last day of the graduation month, the Student Physical Therapist or Student Physical Therapist Assistant member automatically converts to the Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant member category for the remainder of the 12 months of membership.  Once the membership remainder expires, these new Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant members are eligible for one year of membership at 50% of the Association and chapter dues rate for a Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant member.

B.       All dues shall be for the period specified in the Association’s bylaws and shall be payable following the Association’s schedule.

C.       All dues changes approved by the Chapter membership and approved by the Association's Board of Directors before the Association's deadline will become effective on the first of the   Association’s next fiscal year.

Section 4: The Chapter shall submit its annual financial statements, tax returns, and audit report to the Association when and as directed by APTA headquarters.


Section 1.

The Chapter may dissolve subject to a recommendation to dissolve supported by no less than two-thirds of the Chapter Executive Committee and adopted by two-thirds of the Chapter's members. 

Section 2.

In the case of voluntary dissolution of the Chapter, individual records will be sent to the Chapter to which an individual is assigned; the remainder of Chapter property and records shall be conveyed to the Association after payment of all bona fide debts. 


The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Chapter in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order adopted by the Chapter.


Section 1.

These bylaws may be amended by  two-thirds vote of the membership present and voting at any meeting of the Chapter provided that at least thirty days prior to that meeting, a copy of the proposed amendment has been made available to the members of the Chapter. The amended bylaws must be submitted to the Board of Directors of the Association for approval. 

 Section 2.

If the intent of an amendment is editorial or to bring the Chapter’s bylaws into agreement with those of the Association, the amendment shall be made as required by the Chapter President and shared with the Executive Committee. The President shall notify the Chapter’s membership that such amendments have been made. 

 Section 3.

Amendments other than dues changes become effective upon approval in writing by the Association's Board of Directors.


In addition to these bylaws, the Chapter is governed by the Association Bylaws and Standing Rules, and by Association policies. 

Dates of Revision:

2/75                         2/06

2/76                         4/13

9/80                        10/13