Wyoming Physical Therapy Association

Dear Chapter Presidents, Payment Chairs and Federal Affairs Liaisons:

Last Monday, April 1, 2013, saw the implementation of significant payment policy under Medicare Part B for physical therapists.   APTA shares members frustration with these policy changes and stands ready to assist our members with resources on how to manage these challenging times and to advocate for fair and appropriate payment policies for physical therapists under Medicare.  Next week, as part of our annual Federal Advocacy Forum, more than 250 APTA members will be on the Capitol Hill to take this message to their elected officials.    Over the past year, APTA has provided APTA members with crucial information about these upcoming cuts in all-member e-mails, News Now articles, social media messages, and via the APTA.org homepage.  We also know that  some physical therapists are unaware of what’s ahead and as leaders in the association we wanted your consideration to partner with APTA and share this information with physical therapists in your chapter, section, or network of colleagues.  
Below are extensive links to resources that you should feel free to forward, re-brand with your chapter logo, or post to your websites.   We believe that this information is critical for all physical therapists.   If you need additional resources or have ideas on how to spread our reach during this critical time, please feel free to email me at justinmoore@apta.org.    APTA is not only working to address many of these problematic payment policies but we are also seeking new policies that better reflect the value we bring to the health care system.     We appreciate all you do to advocate for the profession and to inform and engage your member and non-member colleagues.

Justin Moore, PT, DPT
Vice President, Government and Payment Advocacy
American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

Internet Links:

Tuesday, March 26, APTA all member e-mail with information about the upcoming changes in Medicare payment under Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction (MPPR) and the Sequester:
https://apta.informz.net/APTA/archives/archive_3095863.html <https://apta.informz.net/APTA/archives/archive_3095863.html>
The best single source of information is APTA’s 2013 Medicare Changes webpage:

Podcast: Prepare for April 1 Medicare Changes (Members Only):  

MPPR Resources
·         Frequently Asked Questions:  http://www.apta.org/Payment/Medicare/CodingBilling/FeeSchedule/2013/FAQ/

·         MPPR Calculator (Members Only): http://www.apta.org/apta/advocacy/feecalculator.aspx?navID=10737423156

·         Infographic on payment changes provided below

Sequestration Resources
·         Fee Schedule Calculator (Members Only):  http://www.apta.org/apta/advocacy/feecalculator.aspx?navID=10737423156

·         Infographic on payment changes provided below

What You Can Ask Members to Do:
·         Continue to Take Action on these and other issues by visiting APTA’s Legislative Action Center:  http://www.apta.org/TakeAction/

·         Sign up for our PTeam email listserv for updates on these issues at: www.apta.org/PTeam <http://www.apta.org/pteam>

Alternative Payment System / Physical Therapy Classification and Payment System:
www.apta.org/APS <http://APTA.informz.net/z/cjUucD9taT0zMDk1ODYzJnA9MSZ1PTEwMTQ4NDgwOTYmbGk9MTYxNjQ1MzM/index.html>